Default values for USC's

I’ve made an app that lets the user adjust bread recipes, so I’m using user-specific columns for ingredient quantities. This means recipes are initially empty so I’ve created a button with conditional Set Column Values to populate fields with defaults.

Is this the best way to achieve this?

Well, I see it fine and understandable!

What you could do is change the action on your your collection to a custom action that uses a Set Column action to first load the default ingredients before the Show Details Screen actions. You could further enhance it by adding a condition to first check if any values are set. If values already exist, then just show the detail screen. if values do not exist, then set columns before showing the details screen.

That way you can get rid of the button and it will be handled automatically.


You could do it as part of the action on the collection on the main page, then you wouldn’t need the button on the next page.

Make a conditional action that checks if the User Specific Columns are empty, and if they are then load the defaults before navigating to the collection item.

Edit: oh duh, I didn’t even see Jeff’s reply, hahaha. :crazy_face:


Thanks @Jeff_Hager and @Darren_Murphy!

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At least we didn’t give you conflicting advice :rofl:

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Great minds think alike!

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Done exactly as suggested - thanks again both


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