+ Set Columns (user specific)not working

I have a kind of My Account tab, where after login User will be presented with a Choice Component, from which User can choose My Favorites, My Profile, My Listings, etc. Since Choice Component here (not Forms) can not have default value, I thought I could use a button with Compound Action (Sign-in + Set Columns) to set the Choice data with a default value. It sure would have looked better than a blank default value. But the Set Columns part never worked. It is still a blank for the Choice Component after login. The Choice data to set Default is a user specific column. Anyone has tried the same thing? Thanks!

I think all actions in a compound action are executed all at once. Is it possible that the default value is being set always on the first row of your user sheet? Or is it a sheet with Row Owners and possibly there is no row to update at the point the action is ran and the user hasn’t completed signing in yet.

My only two thoughts are to create a second button that shows after sign in and sets the default value when clicked. I know…not great user flow. The other option is to set your visibility conditions to show Favorites if the choice is Favorites OR the choice is empty. It’s not the best solution, but I do this quite a bit in my app. You could actually tweak this a bit and make the underlying value for Favorites be ‘blank’ instead of ‘Favorites’, so by default it’s blank and it should highlight the Favorites selection. The other choices would fill it with a value other than blank.


That’s been my observation as well, and it can result in a really confusing user experience when you have more complex action sequences, and/or visibility components that depend on the results (and sequence) of actions. It would be great if you could set actions to block/wait until previous actions had completed. (Although I guess that could potentially create other issues?)


Thanks for the quick reply. I use a blank sheet/detail layout for that tab. So there is only one row, where the user specific choice data is located.

There is no problem with underlying in-line list display. I have learned to use “empty” or “not empty” to display an inline list in that case. It is just the blank on the Choice Component itself.

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I would try setting up your choices with a display value and an underlying value, but make the underlying value for favorites be blank.

So you choice list sheet could look like this. This makes ‘blank’ one of the valid choices.

Choice Value
My Favorites * blank *
My Profile Profile
My Listings Listings

That’s really creative! However, it seems the blank value is not taken at all. As I used the blank, there are only two options left now.

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Hmm, so much for that idea. I wonder if it would work if you numbered your choices 0 thru 2…made sure the user specific choice column was a numeric type, then set the Favorites list to show if the value is zero. I have my doubts though, because I think ‘null’ is also a possible value in a numeric column.