Deep links - the mystery remains... :)

Basically the setup should be:

  • When a new row is added, you send the deep link of that row to, alongside your intended “slug”

  • generates the link

  • You update the link back to a column in your database.

  • Point the share button to share the link

I have founded that you can update the link’s metadata, @Robert_Petitto , so it would be nice to have that as an option in the app (say you can give your users the ability to edit the title, description or image).

But that’s only when they share that specific link, say it won’t work when they copy the URL from the address bar of the browser. At the moment, does allow you to “mask” a link (say when you open the share link then the share link stays on the address bar, instead of the original link). However, that does need to have authorization from the original link’s owner, in this case Glide. Would be a nice thing to have to fully “own” our URL.