Debugging an app - users getting 'kicked out'

Does anyone have any tips about users who complain about being ‘kicked out’?

I have an app and most activity is in a single row in a Glide Table. But users often get bumped from where they are… and moved back to the Home screen (it is the first visible tab, so at least that logic is clear).

Any ideas? Thanks!

Yes it is normal if you work at the same time with the editor, the application is updated.
There are the Setting / Data Refresh parameters to adapt.


ah… so it might be me kicking people out! That would be plausible, very plausible. Not a lot I could do… apart from doing more things behind the scenes on a copy app, and then migrating things at night :wink: doable

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exactly sir
David announced a new update principle but in several weeks.

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