Dear Strangers in Glide Team

Hi. It is really weird to address someone as stranger, right?. What if our customers see the word “Stranger”. Despite so many requests to change the words “Hello, Stranger” in the add Name screen, there is no word on when it will be changed. Is it not just a chage of word. Even a “Welcome” similar to the sign in screen is fine. The small things do matter. Thanks for hearing me.

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No, not really. I think depends where you come from. Different words can have different meanings in different cultures. In most western cultures, the phrase “hello, stranger” is a friendly greeting, and expands to something like “hey friend, I haven’t seen you for a while. I’ve missed you”


Well, I do not want to get into a debate here. It is widely non-acceptable in most business dealings and Glide is intended for B2B and other applications.

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Please come suggest this in our “We’ll do it live” session later today. At the very least you can get design and engineering to consider changing it right then and there.


I agree… it is weird :slight_smile:

I agree too, in Spanish its translation sounds very strong and not friendly, it looks even hostile for any new person. There are other ways to give a welcome and become part of a group.

Saludos extraños/desconocidos! (strangers)!! :rofl:

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Sure Jason. Thanks a ton!