Dates Invisible as Options

I have a form in which the user selects a date. Dates are not appearing as options. When they click the “choice” component, the screen is black. All other data types are fine. It’s just the dates. This has only started happening in the last 3 hours.

we are seeing the same issue. I actually had a ‘glide expert’ on with me as client complaints started to stream in on this, and neither he or i can figure it out yet. major problem for us, second one in two weeks.
our dates are coming from a tab in sheets, we tried renaming the sheet, making a new sheet, shortening the list of dates to choose from - making it values (it was formula driven). sometimes it is visible, and then it reverts to being not visible.

Hi all,
same here :weary:

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FYI - we are trying to use their new table feature - however it is really buggy so far, hard to enter data, and issues with column naming. also it’s a lot of work for us. but so far it works… although we can’t be certain, as the problem as been intermittent for us. Just letting you know how we are trying to handle in case it helps.

Also we are not able to consistently link tables, sometimes you can’t see them. Also the records we create in the new tables are disappearing. Wow. Atrocious. We are having to create the same date table over and over. As we need our problem solved now. Good luck out there.