Date-Time component not restricting users in Firefox full screen mode

My app’s URL:

People using the app from a computer, using Firefox and fullscreen mode, have been able to enter text in a Date time component, thus messing everything up in the process.

That has been the case for many users with this configuration.

I have not been able to find a similar topic here.

Can anyone help me with that issue?



Am I actually the only one with the issue? Or can anyone replicate the problem?


Can you share a video with us, or the link to your app? The link you provided goes to your app editor so we can’t access it.

I can’t make a video right now ThinhDinh, but here is a screenshot :

Start time field is a Date time component, and it works well in Chrome as you can see below :

The only solution I have is to not allow the fullscreen mode to be accessible to users, but that was the main reason I went Pro on glideapps in the first place…

Can you share the link to your app so I can test with my computer?

Date time pickers are browser dependent at the moment. Firefox currently does not support it. We are going to be adding workarounds:


Thanks for the reply Jason!

Looking forward to a way to have our app fully supported by all major browsers.

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