Date/Time Dropdown is not showing

Hi, I’ve added the Date Time component to my app but calendar dropdown view that is displayed in the docs is not showing up. Was this feature removed? If not what can I do to make this work?

What are you using to view the app? Browser/IOS/Android? Are you in the builder? The calendar for the date time component will show up in chrome if you hit the little down arrow. Do you have a screenshot?

Okay thank you Jeff!. I’m using the builder on safari. I will attempt to use Chrome and see if that fixes it. Is there any plans on fixing this for safari?

Thanks again!

Just tried it out on Chrome and it’s working.

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I would think that it would work on Safari, but I don’t have it to test it. Date components will look and function differently depending on the device and browser you are using, so Safari might just work differently as it’s rendered by the browser.

Could you share a screenshot or video of what you’re seeing in Safari, please?