Date not work correctly


i’ve a very simple app to manage date inputs and record on spreadsheet, but i’ve a lot of problems:

  • i set google spreadsheet in US formatting
  • I select the column and give the date format yyyy/mm/dd on the 3 columns that i need to record.
  • try from the app to insert the date (in tree different fields).
  • and the spreadscheet record DATE TIME (with hours) data…

when I put a new element i’ve 5 second delay to record

  • if I invert the process:
  • insert BEFORE data from app THAN change the date format in yyyy/mm/dd it works
  • delay is 5 second anywhere

This is the editable app

it doesn’t work with empty spreadsheet!
I’m italian but I switched the propreties in the spreadsheet


another problem:
If i put 1 record in the spreadsheet i see 1 record, but in the app appear two records

One of the records is most likely at the bottom of the sheet. This is because of the use of array formulas. You need to make sure empty rows rows are deleted because although they appear empty, the rows are still considered to be filled and any new data will be pushed to a new row at the bottom of the sheet.



Looks like the two records issue is now showing one record. Did the issue resolve itself?

I don’t have a good solution for your date problem. Glide records dates in an international standard date/timestamp format to avoid problems with different date formats around the world. This format 2020-01-04T00:00:00.000Z is what’s stored behind the scenes in the sheet even if you change the column formatting. The problem with setting the date format in the sheet is that you will have a delay from when you enter the new record in that app until the date (formatted in yyyy/mm/dd) is sent back to Glide from the sheet. Unfortunately you can’t control the date formatting within Glide. You have to do that within the google sheet.

My only suggestion would be to show some other text title in the list, or show the date in the detail or caption part of the list data. That way it’s not so obvious when waiting for the updated date to come back from the google sheet. Another alternative is to use the Calendar style view. The calendar is good taking multiple date formats at showing the date based on your browser locale.