hello i subscribed to private pro, i switched from google sheet to glide table, but on the way i was wrong, i deleted the google sheet that was on my google drive, after i refresh it appeared glide could not reload the sheet, can you help me because the application doesn’t can save and there are no changes in my project

I don’t think we have the ability to remove a Google Sheet as a data source, as of now.

If you have not permanently deleted it, maybe you can go to your “Trash” folder in your Drive and restore the file?

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this problem has been solved, I want to ask why my mobile apps are very slow, when I just open it takes 8 - 9 seconds, the data is still not much, there is 1 relation to image, where is the problem, I have used the glide table

Hi @Dieselone_Group, I notice that your home screen is a details layout and you have x3 inline lists there. If you have many records in each of these inline lists, it could explain your app being a little slow. I would not expect it to be very slow though.

As an example, recently I built a screen with about 15 inline lists and a total of about 100 records on the screen. The scrolling behavior was not smooth. The performance improved when I replaced the 15 inline lists by one single list where I used grouping instead. I understand you cannot always find such an easy solution, this is simply an example.