Datas are lost when linked between Apps

Hi Gliders !

I created a Glide App and I created a Glide Page that uses the same database as the App.
I directly used Glide as database.
In the data section, I selected data from my team and the right sheet.

Basically the original database, Glide App, has 236 records.
When I tried to link it to the new Glide Page, it keeps only 100 records.
So, data are lost with the link. :sob:

To have the same number of records, I have to write them manually. :sweat_smile:

Can you help me ?

It sounds like you’re on a Free plan and possibly an older Team that has older settings and limits in place. I believe older (legacy) free Pages projects had a row limit of 100, whereas newer free Pages projects should have a 500 row limit.

If you’d like to continue with a Free plan, try creating a new Team and transfer your projects to this new team.


That’s it ! I’ll try and I’ll tell you ! Thank you !