Database Connection

Have you thought of adding the ability to connect to a database directly? It would possibly alleviate the 25,000 row(and I’m sure other) slow down issue, provide a more “real time” environment, offline capability, and possibly faster apps. There are tools today that allow for low-code and intuitive architecting of a database, but do not have the front end piece solved like Glide.

Curious what the benefits of something like this would be and if it would allow for more “complex” or “sophisticated” apps and functionality or increased ability to scale apps.


Yes, we’ve thought about it and will likely do it. The first step will be ‘native tables’ hosted by Glide that can scale above and beyond what Google Sheets offers.


That would be amazing! I am very interested in this. Would love to help you trial either of these options when you are ready. Pro customer already so I’m invested in seeing this succeed! Love Glide and everything you and the team are doing!


Will it have a connection where we can insert data in such google sheet via anything API or Zapier ?

Hi @david!
I have at this moment 2 great apps projects, but with need more data storage.
I really want to do that in Glide, but my concern is to push the limits in a short period of time …
Do you have a deadline or planning for deploy the native tables?
It will help me a lot!

The challenge is how to handle the data. Data are of three types in the current environment:

  • Source data (not processed)
  • Processed data at G.S level.
  • Processed data at GDE level.

If Glide continues to mandate having G.S. to be the only gateway to feed GDE, then migration moving forward shouldn’t have issues. But, then yet again, we fall in G.S. loading issues when data size grows.
If, however, Glide won’t mandate this, then this will open a huge “migration” can of warms.

I am interested to see how this will pan out.


David - When is this feature likely to launch… Because all our apps have literally run out of 25k rows and we need more… And that too at the earliest. If you can give an indicative timeline of this feature, I can see if I can hold on to glide a bit longer instead of looking for alternates.

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We will announce a beta test in a week or two.


Thank you Jesus!..I mean @David. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you meant @eltintero :wink:


Thank you for working in this we are really facing pressure from our users and I had to parse a lot of data


Initially, our data source will not increase the 25k-row limit.


@david you rock!!

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Thank you so much.

When will this be released?