Data Update Automatically by Time

Hello Guys,

Is It Possible to create an automation ?
an automation that could update our data by time

Use Case :
A Sales input a Potential Customer, It usually need to update the data from potential to closing. But if the data doesnt update for a month, then it should automatically failed the input.

So The Input from, “still potential” become “Failed/Not a Potential Customer”

You don’t actually need an automation for this. You could use an if-then-else column to determine the status by comparing the last update time to the current time.

  • Create a math column to determine the date 30 days ago: Now - 30
  • Then use an if-then-else column:
    – If Last Update is earlier than 30 days ago, then “Failed/…”
    – Else Status

One problem with the above is that if the customer has already signed, then it could still return “Failed…” if the account hasn’t been updated for more than 30 days. So you could extend the logic a little to deal with this:

  • If Status is not Prospect (or whatever you use), then status
  • If Last Update is earlier than 30 days ago, then “Failed/…”
    – Else Status

The Case here is, that the status can already be set at the start wheter it is status/failed (manual entry).
Why we need a failed status at first, it’s just for CDM purposes.

So, the i automation i was thinking earlier was a data change to my manual input before. is that possible ?

I believe Glide is considering Automations in in the future. For now, there is no such feature within Glide. Your only options would be to use something like Make to update records within a Glide Table through the Glide API. If you use an external database, such as Airtable or Google Sheets, then you would have to use some sort of scripting or automation process in those respective external databases.

I think what @Darren_Murphy suggested is pretty reasonable and much easier to achieve with a single IF column that either returns the existing status, or returns a failed status only if the current status is “Still Potential” AND 30 days have passed.


Allright, I Guess The Temporary Solution is what Mr. @Darren_Murphy suggested.
Thanks and Appreciated your help !

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