Can Make automatically detect Glide changes

If I have an if-then-else column to manually check if a certain date is passed another, and if it does it will then become TRUE else FALSE, is there a way to set up Make(Integromat) to automatically detect that change without the use of a button action and then send an email. I know that you can set up a timer to get your Glide info at a certain time in Make so I could check it every hour, but I want it to run as soon as that change happens without the need for a button to be pushed if possible?

The IF column is a computed column which is only computed on the user’s device when it’s needed. It’s not a stored value that can be accessed from the back end. You could probably trigger a Call API when the value chages, but that’s assuming you are comparing two static dates and the user does something to cause one of the dates to change. It’s not going to work if you are comparing to something like Now…which is also only calculated on the end user’s device.

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You have to explain what exactly the change is… then I might have a much better solution for you than using Make :wink:

The feature will be something simple as just an added benefit of the app. So for example, if they add their license expiry date to the app in a column, that we would then send an email when that license expires telling them to renew. However I would like for that to happen automatically, without the manual requirements. Again, just an example but thats my idea for a use case. User enters date data into column, we automatically send an email when said data row becomes true.

Automations for Glide are planned, but I don’t know when.


As Jeff said, the current time is measured in the User device, so there is no chance to trigger the action in Glide… I would suggest having that data in GS and running the time-driven trigger… but why would you like to check it every hour? Once a day is good to check that kind of date.