How to trigger if my google sheet column changed?

My database source will be google sheets and we have a column called “Due Date”

I want everytime due date is “Overdue”, integromat need to send email notification to that each email with overdue

Is this possible with google sheets ?

I think the most important thing here is how does that column value gets changed? Are you using a formula, or are you changing it from the Glide interface?

the column value will change through human interaction, i have an admin that will manually update change the value.

is this still possible from ?

or i need to use different method to remind those emails ?

Is the Admin changing it directly in the Google Sheet, or are they making the change in Glide?

admin will change everything on glide, google sheets is just another backup database

Okay, so what you can do is trigger a webhook to Make when the change is made, and you can send the email from there.

You could probably also use the Send Email action and send it directly from Glide.


okay thank you !!

what if instead i use a formula to calculate the due date column ? can still watch those column on background ?

so here’s the case

  1. I use ONLY glide tables

  2. i create a new formula that automatically calculates whether a task is overdue, if it’s overdue send email notification.

Note: this flow will happen when user is not opening the app. is this still possible with webhook ?

Not easily, no.
The challenge is that you can only send webhooks with actions, not based on time.
And actions need user interaction.

What you could do is send a webhook to Make when the item is created, including the calculated due date, and then store the details in a Data Store. You could then have a Make task that runs periodically to check for any overdue items, and send an email. If a payment was made against any of them, you would also need to send a webhook at that point, so the data store could be updated.

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Thank you, just what i needed.

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