Math Calc In Glide to Google Sheets for Make Automation

I’ve got recurring event dates in the future for my group to sign up for certain roles. I need emails to automatically go out X,Y,Z days prior to the event. I have a math function in Glide for the number of days between today and the event dates. Now I would like to automate Make emails based off of the number of days until the event occurrence. From my reading, I think I need to have Make look for the number of days in the column in Google Sheets, so how do I get the column from Glide with the math function to show in Google Sheets? Is there a better work around?

You don’t. Computed columns, such as the math column, only calculate on the end user’s device. That calculated value does not live within the database or on the server. In fact, Glide never calculates the value on the server. That only happens on each and every user’s device as it’s needed.

You will need to either perform that calculation directly in the google sheet, or do something with Make to retrieve the data and have Make do the calculation. You won’t be able to grab the math value from glide because it technically doesn’t exist.

Thanks Jeff. In my Glide sheet I have email addresses for each event of people who will be involved, how could I add the “days left” function in Google Sheets and also use the designated emails thru Make?

I don’t have specific advice. Just wanted to let you know that the path you were going down wasn’t going to work.

Something like this would probably work in a google sheet to calculate days.

I don’t use Make, so I can’t advise on how to use it.

Thanks, I got the “# of days until” worked out in Google Sheets, but I’m not sure how to pull that value and the pertinent email addresses from Glide thru the Make system. I’m guessing I’ll have to have Make search the Google Sheet daily for the correct “days until” value and then have it pull the email addresses from Glide if that’s possible.

That’s correct. Basically you run a time-based scenario everyday, check for rows that have the “days until” number match your condition, then search for the right email addresses to send, iterate through that list of emails and send each person an email.

Jeff, considering what you said, can you give any insight as to loading issues this might cause, such as - what I might do to mitigate loading times due to calculations? Is it an issue at all? Thank you.