Data/Table values available in Actions within nested Detail Screens

I have a screen with multiple inline lists. The first is called ‘Team Feed’

I have a custom action on Team Feed which opens a detail screen for the selected item (which can be one of 6 different types) after I do a Set Col Val to set the object as viewed. I use Show Detail Screen for whatever object is in the ‘feed’ (Team Feed is basically a list of references to the actuals objects). In the inline action I have access to User Profile and Team Feed (makes sense).

One Detail Screen is for a question with an “Answer Question” button with an action.


Now the weird part. When I use Set Col Value I have access to the User Profile and the Agenda tables. I need access to the Team Feed table or the Post table (which what rel->Post\Question relates to) - not the Agenda table.


My question is how does Glide figure out what is accessible at the various action level/depths? Agenda is NOT used anywhere with these sequence of Detail screens.


I am having trouble understanding your question… can you simplify?

I have an inline list (Team Feed) which I do a Show Detail screen for the list items via an Action.
Within the action builder I can see User Profile (sheet) and Team Feed (sheet) values.


When I am in the Show Detail screen for Team Feed I use an Action screen to save the updates- now I see User Profile (sheet) and Agenda (sheet) instead of Team Feed.

What happened to the Team Feed sheet in the action builder? Why is the Agenda sheet showing up in the action builder?


you probably are on the Agenda sheet… click the table editor, and check what sheet is open… when you click details… you are landing on that item sheet… no longer on the screen where you have that inline list

That is the mystery, on the screen I am in the “Posts” sheet where I should be (Show Detail was for a relation that referenced a Post row). All the components can access the Post sheet. It is the action builder that is showing the Agenda sheet.


But you got me thinking so I deleted the whole action sequence and started new. Now I am in the correct sheet. No more Agenda sheet!!

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yep… always be aware of what sheet and what row you are on… also where are the items you are addressing with the actions…
also, be aware if you change relations… action table might be still on the last used table… so, is better to delete the action and make a new one.

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