Data Horizontal scrollbar doesn't appear

Hi team !

I’ve some issues with the horizontal scrollbar that doesn’t appear on my data screen. Usually it was already hard to make it appear but this morning I can’t come at all :cry:

My configuration :
Google Chrome Version 89.0.4389.116
on ChromeOS.

Merci beaucoup :slight_smile:

Can you attach some screenshots here? Thank you.

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Screenshot :

Video :

Seems odd. If you view this in another browser does it happen?

It looks like you are running quite a few extensions in your browser. Have you tried disabling some or all of them to see it that makes a difference?

This also may be something to look into.

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Hello Jeff,
I have disabled all my extension but this is the same result :sob:
Also i’ve activited flag parameter in my chrome browser but there is not “scrollbars overlay” options.
I don’t understand.

I have to run on an another computer to test, like @ThinhDinh suggest.


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