Data from another table

Hello to all,

Can I reference data from another table in a custom function like vlookup or if-then-else or something similar to relations ?


Thank you.

You need a Relation column and a Lookup column. Suggest reviewing the following information:

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I looked into those but if the data in the users table has a row owner, that data still will not be available only with a relation. Any other suggestions … even an excel formula will help

No, if row owners are applied, then only the owned data is available to work with.

I’ve had an idea but it doesn’t work as I expected for photos …
so, I’ve created a button that triggers an action to add a row with that user’s data in another table … all good but the photo field is not completed … is this a bug that can be resolved ?

It works know … sorry for the trouble … the first action didn’t worked properly , but now it works great and I can create what I want like this and also keep the users table secured with row owners. Thanks.