Data from a user-specific column into my google sheet?

Okay, so I think we’ve been down a bit of an XY rabbit hole here. Might be time to take a step back a little bit. Here is what I understand so far:

  • You users will enter a date
  • You need to extract the year and month from that date and pass the values back to your Google Sheet
  • Those values are then passed to a googlefinance formula, and the result of that formula spans 52 rows (one row for each week of the year?)
  • So what needs to happen next?
  • Do you need all 52 rows back in Glide?
  • Or do you need to pick out a specific row/value and send that back to Glide?

If I’m one of your users, and I enter a date, what should I expect to see when the dust has settled?