Data Editor Lock

As a Glide developer, I want the ability to lock the Data Editor to prevent accidental loss of data.

  • The Data Editor can be locked at two levels:
    – via a global setting that locks all tables at once
    – at an individual table level
  • when a table is locked, it means the table is in a read-only mode in the data editor. That is, all adds, edits & deletes are prohibited.
  • locking a table does not impact the functionality of the App, nor does it have any effect on the functionality of the Layout Editor. Only the Data Editor is affected.
  • when a global lock is in place, individual tables may be unlocked for a short period via the table context menu. ie. “Unlock for 5 minutes”
  • when a table is locked, there will be a visual indicator (“padlock” emoji) next to the table name.
  • locking a table does not prevent adding/editing/deleting columns. It only prevents the changing of data.