Data appears to picking up from the wrong column

Hello All

Clearly I am doing something wrong but I cannot see where.

I want to create a column that counts the results using relation column, but it picks up the data from the wrong column.

Please see my video below

Many thanks

hehe, what you are seeing there is okay.

You can basically ignore the values in the bubbles after you create the relation - they are just a visual indication that matches are being found.

So you’re doing it correctly, all you need to do is add a Rollup column next that targets that relation and do a count, and you should get the correct values.

As far as the negative number that you mentioned, I didn’t see enough in your video to be able to tell where that is coming from.


Oh, ok, in that case it’s working fine.
I’ll record another video explaining the minus figure if I may

Thanks again

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