Daily Time Sheet Template - Completely based in Glide Tables + Automatic Google Sheet integration

Sharing a new template I’m super proud of — a Daily Time Sheet Template that is based completely in Glide Tables, but also includes a connected Google Sheet that stores all form submissions — BUT this sheet does not count towards row limits nor does it have any impact on app performance — PLUS the Google Sheet will update itself when time sheets are approved by a Manager, all without causing issues with app performance or row limitations.

Here are some of the main highlights:

  • Row Owners enabled for security between users (Managers can access all employees’ time sheets)
  • Users with consistent schedules can create default shift times to make time sheet submission a breeze
  • Users cannot submit duplicated hours
  • Users can submit times between other times that have already been submitted (i.e. submit from 9AM-10AM on one time sheet, and from 1PM - 2PM on another… the user can still submit another time sheet between 10AM and 1PM, if needed).
  • Users can submit up to 5 time sheets per single day worked
  • Managers can approve in one-tap OR use a detailed view to review all details of the submission prior to approval

Glide Tables allows this app to function incredibly well in my testing. A previous version of the app that relied on Google Sheets would cause my Android device to stall and prevented some lists from loading. There are no performance-related issues with this Glide Tables version.

The beauty is that this template still sends time sheet submissions to a Google Sheet for easy export to external software, if needed. This is done using an Add Row Action and the rows that are used in the Google Sheet do not count towards the app’s total — this is noted because it demonstrates that the Sheet’s size will have no impact on the app’s performance and is not referenced in any portion of the app itself. When a manager approves a time sheet, a second Google Sheet is updated, then a VLOOKUP is performed to update the original Google Sheet submission with the approval column.

Link to Template Store: Daily Time Sheet (Glide Tables version) app template • Glide


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