Customer Relationship Management System

Hey Folks,

I have a customer interaction tab, with a section to select X Customer, and apply notes based off daily visits!

I need the comments from each customer to then show up under the customer profile under the customer tab

I wouldn’t use the comments component for that. I would create a sheet called comments and have a relation between it and the Customer. Add an inline list to the Customer that lists the comments by date and a Form button to add your comments.

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George, appreciate the response…If i do that, how do i make it that you can select the customer as we tend to visit 5+ customers a day…

I’ll create a quick app to demo it. You can copy it and the play around with it.

So you have the two sheets, Customer and Comments. You create a relationship column using the Data icon in the builder. Then in the details of the Customer you add an inline list component that uses this relationship column, and a Form Button. The Form button has two hidden fields, on for the date the other that puts the customer email into the email column in the Comments sheet.



Getting so close to getting this… just trying to figure out how to get my column to be entered as a date, not a (A)

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this, would love to share this app with you after and see what you think!


I got it! Thanks man so much! Now… lol Is there a way i can make it that the those comments can all be on one page? Making almost a daily report? But then they also go to each customer page as well to be stored!

A script could be written to do that but explaining that would be a bit beyond the scope of this community to explain in detail. But essentially you would run a daily pass through of all the comments for a given Customer and combine them into a single markup text block that could be put anywhere, or even emailed to management, etc.

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I am doing something similar in an app I’m building for my son’s lawn care business. Most of his customers are on an as-needed basis, since we’re in a drought here in West Texas and the grass doesn’t grow very much. Customers can schedule service from their version of the app (The Customer App), and my son can view all of the jobs in his version of the app (The Owner App). When you pull up a customer detail page in the owner app, you see details about them with their yards in an Inline List. Below that I have an inline list (calendar view) of all their service calls. I also have a form button for him to schedule a job while viewing the customer record. It pulls a few columns from the customer sheet to store in the Jobs sheet when the new Jobs record is created. My son can view all jobs from all customers from a separate tab I created in the pop out menu. The tab points to the Jobs sheet (this would be the comments sheet in your situation). I have it set to Calendar View as well. You can then add a filter to that view using the Job Date if you want to see only the jobs for Today. I use “Job Date is On or After Today”. Since your app wouldn’t have any comments with a future date, I think this would work for you, too.


@George_B that Sent pop-up confirmation is so good! How does one set that up?

@Doomba The Sent pop-up is part of the form button. Just submit and form and get a pop-up. No special set-up required. :upside_down_face:

Oh? Never noticed. :grimacing: Let me go hide now :grimacing: :see_no_evil:



Anyway we could share that app together or maybe i can share my app and we could work through this together? I appreciate all the help with this guys, pretty proud of what ive built so far… this would be the icing on the cake!

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Todd, you are a genious my friend!

How could i make it delete notes tho?

I also think that @Todd57 is a genius and should be considered an Expert if he gets his app to work.

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I wouldn’t say I am a genius. After reading @George_B’s reply again, and looking at his example app, I’m pretty much doing the same thing he is. The only difference is I have my “Comments” tab in the pop-out menu at the top.

Couldn’t agree more, i think Glide is such a powerful platform! I’d love to share my app, just contains confidential information on customers!

Will make it blank and share what i’ve done! once my APKs are hooked up from ERP to google sheets, it will be a fully functioning CRM… tracking all customers sales, visits!

Just have to figure out how to get quotes in there and whatnot, and ill be laughing! Thanks to everyone for the help and support