Custom form container After submit Open link in same browser tab

Hi, I’ve setup up this app as a public registration custom form.

In the Form container General tab, I’ve set the After submit action to Open link to a confirmation page, and it does open the link on submit as expected, except the link opens in a new browser tab (besides tthe form tab).

How would I keep this link within the same (forrm) browser tab instead? TIA.

— adbl

If that confirmation page you are trying to navigate to is in your Glide App then use a “Goto Tab” action instead of open link.

If the confirmation page is a 3rd party then I don’t think there’s a way to keep it in the same tab… maybe a web embed could work depending on the 3rd party.

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply. What I’ll try is to make a plain confirmation page within the app itelf to Goto Tab to.

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Ya that should work. Another option is show new screen.

If you use goto tab I would select “hide from nav bar” in the options for that confirmation tab so you won’t see it in the regular menu.

Yes, what I did. That approach does work. Thanks a lot for the headsup.

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