Custom Domaine Issue

My app’s URL:


I created an app with glide pro and I am trying to put it on a personal domain
I did the necessary more than 24 hours ago and here is what happens:

  • From mobile devices, the app works well and opens well with the url
  • From the pc the url does not work and returns to the home page of my host

Can somebody help me please ?

That’s weird. I get the same results when I visit your page, but I did see this when I check the IP of your domain.


After your answer yesterday I tested the site and it worked perfectly whether it was from a mobile or from a computer.

Today, several users pointed out to me that they came across the generic congratulation page that the web host display for any new domain name or hosting that is not yet linked to a website.

I just tested it myself and found the site to be unstable. Sometimes the URL displays the site as it should, but sometimes (for 5 or 10 minutes) it displays the generic congratulations message.

Can you help with that please?

Thank you for your help.

There’s nothing much I can do. I’ve never set up a domain before. Have you contacted the domain provider for help? Failing that, you could contact glide support.

Hello and thx for your answear.

Yes i do contact my provider and ask theme to look and tell me what to do.

Thx for your help.

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