App don't work with my domain

I set up a .com domain correctly, but it takes too long to load the page when I access it using its own URL. The app loads faster when using Does anyone know how to solve this?

So, the app is working but loads slower? Or the link to the app in your domain doesn’t work?
I’m confused.

Three thing:

The domain .com is configured.

Sometimes .com works but other times don’t works and show up a page of GoDaddy with this message ( This Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of GoDaddy)

App works normaly with

Sorry about my english

Em Português (caso tenha mais brasileiros por aqui:

Configurei o domínio .com, mas ele não funciona. Enquanto faço testes, ok. Mas assim que envio para alguém avaliar, aparece uma página da GoDaddy.

Entretanto, o app funciona normalmente quando uso

Alguém ajuda?

Could you share the domain url and the app glide url? Might help if other people can try it out and see what’s happening. My only guess is that the .com domain is routing through different servers with slower connections before getting to glide, whereas the glide url is a more direct connection. With that said, I’m no expert on networking and domains.



I see what you mean.
The .com domain is not loading at all.
Try contacting Glideapps support.

Yeah, I can definitely see a difference. My initial thought would be an issue with the domain provider, but it looks like it’s godaddy, so that would be kind of hard to believe. I tried running the site through lighthouse in chrome, but nothing stood out to me. Sometimes it was really fast too. I really have no idea.