Custom Domain - Step 3 is blank

I’ve noticed on my apps that when publishing to a custom domain, that Step 3 is now blank.

It appears when clicking Verify the DNS records do verify, but it doesn’t show anything visually.

Same for me and some others.
It seems submitting a ticket helps your specific app getting fixed, but there is an underlying bug that affects all apps
Hopefully this gets fixed soon!
cc @SantiagoPerez @George-Glide

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It seems to be a visual bug only, as the Step 2 also disappears when you click Back.

@shane90 Once you have added the records in your registrar, click Verify (I clicked several times but I am sure once is enough :smiley: ), close the wizard and wait.
Eventually, the Domain tab of the Share popup still shows the custom domain so it is still working in the backend.

Hope that helps