Custom Domain - Step 3 is blank

I’ve noticed on my apps that when publishing to a custom domain, that Step 3 is now blank.

It appears when clicking Verify the DNS records do verify, but it doesn’t show anything visually.

Same for me and some others.
It seems submitting a ticket helps your specific app getting fixed, but there is an underlying bug that affects all apps
Hopefully this gets fixed soon!
cc @SantiagoPerez @George-Glide

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It seems to be a visual bug only, as the Step 2 also disappears when you click Back.

@shane90 Once you have added the records in your registrar, click Verify (I clicked several times but I am sure once is enough :smiley: ), close the wizard and wait.
Eventually, the Domain tab of the Share popup still shows the custom domain so it is still working in the backend.

Hope that helps



If someone can help it would be appreciated. The screen for the DNS record is empty so cant configure my domain.

What needs to be done

At Step 1, just enter the domain name, eg

You can’t include paths in custom domains, but you can use subdomains, so you might need to use something like


Thank you very much

You. Are. Welcome :wink: