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Hi all,

I use custom CSS for setting fields components in the 3-column container. And, I need to set first text of all field components at the top, not center as default. Does anyone know how to create its custom css?

Thank you in advance!

I need all text fields start from the top.

Hello! Why You do not use container and alignment to top?


Because I’m using fields component for data, not rich text.


Is there a reason you don’t want to combine those into 1 container with 3 columns?

That’s 1 container with 3 columns and field component on each column.

But on your screenshot just above it seems like you’re using multiple containers?

If you’re using just one container, you can align things to the top like showed.

sorry, this is the correct left editor screen (one container with 3 columns):

And you’ve selected the top alignment option for the container within the options in the right hand panel. This should be a simple setting on the container without the need to implement complicated CSS.


You’re right @Jeff_Hager :+1: :raised_hands: It’s simple, but I’m overthinking :man_facepalming:

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