Custom collection as a list

Hi there,

i’m looking for a possibility to setup a custom collection (cause i need more fields) as a list.
Is that not possible?

Thanks and have a nice day,

I see that you are already using a custom collection.

I’m not sure that I understand your problem. Have you experimented with different layouts for the custom collection?

Thanks, Jeff.
Yes, i do have. I want to set up a horizontal list like you can with standard collection for min. 4 values. I couldn’t manage that with the custom collection. Do you have any other idea?

There are a few different ways you could do it.

  • You could use the Full layout for the collection and add a data grid. This is probably the easiest method with the best results. (Technically, you wouldn’t even need to use a custom collection and you could just use the data grid only, unless you need some added benefits from the custom collection.)
  • You could use the Full layout for the collection. Then create an HTML table with your data, and display it in a rich text component if you want to get a little more into some minor coding.
  • You could use the 3 column layout and combine two values together using a template column.

There’s probably some other methods you could use. It just takes some creativity sometimes to make it happen in glide.


Thanks, Jeff.
I setup the first approach but now i have this one table but my whole dashboard has been overwritten somehow. i didn’t delete anything. Very strange.

For new users it might be helpful that there would be a hint, that changing the source leads to the lost of all components. From my experience with other solutions this was unexpected to me.

There is always the Undo button in the bottom left of part of the builder if you need to undo a change. You can also use CTRL+Z. or CMD+Z to undo a change.


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