Displaying List / Collection Items; right justify

In the old Glide app, I could display League tables for my sports app very easily.
Per attached using an inline list. It automatically left justified the “title” content element, and right justified the second “details” content element, in list view. Furthermore, each item is clickable, and then displays further details on the next screen.
In the new Glide app, having played about with many options including template columns and RTF fields, I cannot find a way to replicate this view that looks anything like as good. The main problem being unable to right justify columns in list view. Data grids look pretty good, but then each item isn’t clickable, which I need.
This is a major detriment to the look and feel of this page, as it’s the most often visited on my app!! Any help appreciated.

Have you experimented with a Custom Collection?
I think you should be able to get something pretty close to that.

Hi Darren. Yes. However, the “column” features don’t work except when viewing on a tablet or PC. On a mobile phone view, the app steadfastly refuses to display more than one data item on the same row.

Yes, that is a limitation.
But you can still work around that by constructing each row as a HTML table, and display it in a single Rich Text component in the Custom Collection.

Thx again - its a list / collection that’s displayed, though - not an individual data item. Can RTF data items be constructed with field values as components within them? I thought not.

Yes, construct a HTML table in a template column and use your column values as replacements. Then display that in a Rich Text component inside a Custom Collection. With a little bit of tweaking, and perhaps some inline styling, you should be able to get something very close to your earlier screenshot. And each row will be clickable.

Thanks! Don’t suppose you have a “go-to” syntax guide to achieve this esp embedding field-item data values?

Have a look at the below. It demonstrates the basic technique.

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