Show whole text in 'table' type collection

Hey, guys.

Is there a way to ‘force’ Glide to show the text in its entirety when using ‘table’ type collection, even if it means adding line break?
I have a tab in my app that lists every service the company has made for a client, but the details keep getting truncated, and its impacting my clients operation.

One way I found to solve that was changing from ‘table’ to ‘list’ type, but the ‘table’ type is what best fit the needs of the report (rows and columns aligned).

What is happening:

Alternative I found (doesn’t really work for my client, they need row and columns aligned; not to mention all the buttons showing)

Appreciate any advice you can give me.
Thanks big time!

Try experimenting with a Custom Collection.

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Here’s an alternative with CSS providing you keep that field as “description”.

[data-testid="desktop-subtitle"] {
white-space: break-spaces;

Custom collection with 3 columns.

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Hey, great workaround!
Never thought of it, thanks!

Ps.: the CSS solution is even better, but I don’t have the required plan yet

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Good to hear, let us know if you need anything more!

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