Formated print in collections

How can I create lists with equidistant columns using collections?

Do you mean grouping? I think you could do that with ‘group by’

No, I mean columns like in a regular list. As is text is moved dependent on number length etc.

Do you have a visualized version of this?

Nothing special I am just looking for a way to create a table with more than 3 columns.

Do the individual rows need to be clickable?
If not, then the easiest way to replicate that is to create a HTML table and display it using a Rich Text component. If you need the coloured headings, then you would need to apply inline styling (assuming that you don’t have Business or Enterprise plan).


Ah…makes sense thx

One more thing how do you insert the values from your glide table?

Here is a tutorial I made some time ago. Note that the tutorial was with Classic Apps, where it was possible to insert CSS in a Rich Text component, so that part of it won’t work with the new Glide Apps. But generating the HTML is the same in both.

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