The settings i have done are gone suddenly - why

Can I ask why you changed the source table for the the entire tab? Normally you wouldn’t do that unless you had a good reason to make the change. All of those components you had on the screen were tied to that table before you changed it to another table.

Are you sure that you didn’t intend to change the source for only one of the collection components on the screen, as opposed to changing the source for the entire screen?

I suspect that you didn’t mean to change the source for the tab/screen, but I’m not really sure what you meant to do. If you did in fact mean to change the source for the entire tab/screen, and you want the same components on that new screen, then before you change the source, you can right click on the components and select “Copy All”. That way you can copy and paste it the components from one screen to another.

Normally if I need to change the source for a tab, I will create a new tab and move everything over before removing the old tab.