Custom actions titled "none"

In pages, all of my custom actions are currently titled “none”.


Same issue

Interesting… @Jeremy



Maybe tomorrow the new automations will roll out :laughing:

Mabe tomorrow all my customers force money back.
Not only this issue also edit screen fails

This has been a thing for a few months now. In most cases it doesn’t seem to have any impact on the App functionality, which is probably why not many people have noticed it or complained about it.

Yes for “none”, formaly - no problem. But i fined it together with other issue: Edit screen don’t saving edited data. Edited data appears on scren only for users device not to server and to other devices

Hey @james

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are taking a look at it.

Let us know if anything else comes up!


Dear, Santiago! Please HELP! Some else already comes!!!
In one pages edit screen does not saved edited data to glide, just present on user devise and not appeared on editor. And some times it working. At 2022 it works but this night became random.
I already send support ticket but they told they can support only from Pro but my pages is starter

“none” in action - force to click again on “make custom action” and delete previous made action.
we still have not possibility to choice custom action done before in project

and such situation not only in pages, but in app too.