Custom Action not running properly


I have an issue that I have never seen before. Today is the first day I’m seeing this.

I have a button with a custom action. The actions look like this:

However, it doesn’t open the screen. It always did. I also enabled the ‘enable log’ feature (which looks nice by the way), and it shows it only runs the first two steps (so ‘Set Column Values’ and ‘Add Row’).

What could be the issue?

Hi @mzsadiek

Thanks for reporting this.

Would you mind sharing a support link and a video showing how to navigate to where this action is located in your project?

Hi Santiago,

I’ve sent you the support link via private message.

In the app, you can choose an admin user (Mohammad Zubair Sadiek), Navigate to the screen ‘Voertuigen’, and then press the bottom-right circle button. I tried again and it still doesn’t open the screen.

On my phone, however it does, but this leaves me unable to edit any screens which open when pressing this button.