Current position dans la mapbox


je suis en train de découvrir glide. Je viens de créer une table dans lequel il y a des points gps mis dasn layout en map.
Chaque point GPS donne lieu à des lieux historiques

Je souhaiterai que sur cette même carte, il y ait la présence du current position. Or je n’y arrive pas.

Comment faire?

Merci d’avance

This might only be a workaround, but I believe it’s worth a try:

  • Create a location column in your user profiles table.
  • Add a location component pointing to that table. If the signed-in user turns that on, then you get their coordinates.
  • In your Historical Places table, add a row with the value in the “Name” column (I assume you have one for the name of places) being “Current Location”.
  • Add an If-Then-Else column. If “Name” is “Current Location” then return the signed-in user’s location, else return the GPS points you already have.
  • Use that as the address for the map.

I still believe this should be a native feature, though.