CSS for hiding Tab's title and icon

Hello everyone,

Another small request for CSS wizards.
I created a tab when opening the app that only displays for unsigned users. And I would like to hide the tab titles and icons at the bottom of the screen.

I found this text to hide the icons:https://community.glideapps.com/t/can-i-hide-tab-icon/23246/3?u=alexis_azoulai. But I would also like to hide the titles to remove the entire bottom banner.

Thanks in advance.

Instead of messing around with CSS, why not just set visibility conditions on the tabs?

I have already adjusted the visibility conditions but here it is the tabs at the bottom that I would like to remove …

Have you set visibility conditions on the components or the tab itself? You are able to hide the full tab icon (and label) based on visibility conditions on the tab.

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Can you attach a screen of what you have so far?

I have defined the criteria for the entire tab. I want to leave it accessible when launching the app for unsigned users, but remove the bottom navigation bar.

Do you want those two tabs to be visible for unsigned users or just one??

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If you hide both the title and the bottom bar then how do users proceed from there?

If it’s possible those two labs…

With a button

I have found the solution :

div[id*='tabBar'] {
display: none;