Cronometrar tiempo de espera

Cómo activar un cronómetro para que después de X cantidad de tiempo de espera se muestren diferentes opciones

You can use a math column to generate a datetime that is some period in the future, and then use visibility conditions to hide/show components by comparing that timestamp to the current time.

Note that you would need an action to set the initial value - a button press or something similar.

For example, if you wanted to hide a component after 5 minutes have elapsed:

  • Create a math column using the following formula: Now + 5/1440
  • Use an action to apply that value to a user specific datetime column
  • Create an if-then-else column:
    – If user specific column is empty, then true
    – If user specific column is before Now, then null
    – Else true
  • Set your component visibility such that the component is visible when the if-then-else column is checked.