I want to display a component if date / time is less than a predefined date / time but the condition does not work.

The condition does not recognize the time.

Do you have a screenshot of the visibility settings and the values you are trying to compare?



How to display a component according to the time? Date / time does not manage the indicated time.

In what way do you want to display it “according to the time”? What is the specific condition?

for example, if the component “registered on” (value = Now) <to the component “Blocking” (value = dd / mm / yyyy 09:00:00) then I display the component “Name”

Then the conditional visibility would be if “Now” is before “Blocking”.

yes, that’s what wishes

Not sure about the “wishes” part. Can you try it on your app and let us know if it works?

no change, the time is not recognized

Can you give us some screenshots of your current settings?