Credit Card Fraude


One of your clients is using my credit card for a monthly subscription.
How do I contact you to stop this credit card fraude?

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If you have noticed credit card fraud, you might want to contact your bank to report the fraud, to block any further fraud, to block the card altogether.

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for your reply.
I thought so to, but my bank says: "It’s a subscription, so we cannot refund. Try contact the company. "
How do I contact sales department of glideapps to undo the subscription and get a refund?

You might want to consider changing banks. If you can prove it’s a fraud, fraud is fraud.

Glide support

Credit card fraud is the unauthorized use of a credit card account, physically stolen, electronically stolen by skimming devices or malware, or purchased on the dark web, for the purpose of obtain money, goods or services.

In your case is not a fraud i guess, it’s more a error of judgement, or did your client use one of the above methods to steal your information?

And if it is a fraud then you must actually report it to the bank, and the bank will then contact the debtor (Glide). You can’t do the reverse, it’s only the bank can judge if it’s a fraud by the documents glide gonna send to your bank to proof if is a fraud or not.