Creating unique inline lists to display based on signed in user

I am still quite new to this and have done a number of searches on this topic but cant seem to find an answer so any help would be appreciated.

I am creating an app where each user will select the genres of music that they like and I would like this to be displayed in a list on a tab that I have called Profile. I have been able to get the selection working but each time I go to display a list it shows the same list for every user instead of a unique list based on the signed in user.

I hope this makes sense and really would appreciate the help.



Have you filtered by ‘signed in user’

Or added row owners

See this also

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Thanks, for some reason that option for signed in user is not there when I go to filter.

Please share a screen shot so we can see.

It should appear if your using an inline list

This is a screenshot from the same app but for sports and having the same issues

For the filter, you need to select the email column in your first dropdown, and then select ‘is signed in user’ in the second dropdown.


Ok, I think the issue is that the list I want to display is coming from another source and not the users sheet.
Is there a way to create a list like this in the user sheet as I need each of the items in the list to be clickable.

If there was any way you could advise on best way to get around this it would be fantastic. The data is coming from a relation column to another sheet.

Hope this helps!

Thank you

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Thank you very much for doing that video, unfortunately its not as simple as that as I have a set list of sports that can be selected from and the key is that anyone who selects “cricket” for example will show up in a list under cricket. Its essentially a type of networking based on sports or music that I am trying to create for a social club.


I think we might need to see more of your app to get a better understanding of what you are trying to achieve. I think I’m getting confused on what you are having trouble with. What does your data look like? How does a user select the sports that they want in their list?

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Thanks, what would be the best way to share? If you send me an email address can I add you to the team to look at it?
I have created a tick box selection for the sports and people can go in and tick or untick anytime

If you’ve created a tick box for users to select what sport they’re interested in that could be a part of the issue. If that tick box is user-specific then users would not be able to see/read other user responses, only their own.

From your description above, it seems like you want users to be displayed under a certain sport, if they selected that sport, is that right?

If so I would do the following:

  1. Create a new TEXT column in the “users” sheet called “sports” this will house all of selections they choose

  2. Create a mirrored user profile sheet called “profiles” mirroring columns from the users sheet (i.e. ROWID, name, profile pic). Make sure to also include the new TEXT column you created in step

More on this: Use row owners to protect private data - Glide Library

  1. Add a CHOICE component to the screen where you want users to select their sport. With the new multiple select feature to the CHOICE component this will be easy and users can select as many as they want

  2. Populate some values for some users in the “sports” column.

  3. On the sport detail screen, add an inline list component, make the source the profiles sheet

  4. Filter the list with the condition: where sport NAME is included in profile user’s SPORTS column

As a personal preference, I would add ROWIDs to your sports sheet and write those values to the “sports” column for users. This way if you every update the name to your sport, add an emoji or change anything about it in the slightest way, the selections your user’s made don’t get broken. In using ROWIDs everything would be the same, instead for the filter you would set it to: where sport ROWID is included in profile user’s SPORTS column


Thank you for this detailed response, I have tried your solutions but cant get it to function in the way I need and if there was any chance I could add you to the team to let you take a very quick look I think that would explain a lot easier?
And sorry about the late reply but Im based in Ireland so time difference can be difficult.

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Create a joined list of all genres that a signed in user likes.
Add the filter so the the user profile → joined list (includes) the genre of the song

No problem. You can email me or send the invite to

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Sincere apologies, I have just sent the invite now.