Creating relationship to the new multi select choice component

I creating a basic volunteer management system with 3 table: the volunteers, the various volunteer roles that require some prior training or knowledge to perform, the time based assignment of volunteers to those roles. I’m using the new multiselect choice component on the volunteer add/edit screens to select all the roles a volunteer is able to perform. From the Roles screen, I would like to be able to view the volunteers who are able to perform a role. I’m able to add inline list to show the assignments to those roles, but am unable to find a way to relate the coma separated array of roles, in the volunteer table to the roles table. Does anyone have some ideas about how to do this? Am I going to need to parse the role names in the volunteer role column?

Use a Split Text column to split the comma separated text into an array. Then you can use that split array for relations.


Thanks for the suggestion. It worked.

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