Assigning users when creating an event

I’m building a cafe management app for a cafe that also hosts events. So they can manage all the shifts, staff etc. I allow them to create an event and assign staff members when creating it. The problem i’m having is that when they select the (multiple) staff members that will be assigned to the event, theres no way for me to do a multiple relation on all of those user RowIDs. I’ve thought about making a bridging entity (i.e a table with just EventID and StaffID that would store one value in each row) but that relies on the event being created first and the staff members being allocated one at a time.

Assuming that you are using a choice component with multi-select enabled… the StaffIDs will be saved as a comma separated list. Use a Split Text column to convert that list into an array, then then you can use the array in a relation.

Legend👊. Thank you

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