Creating Non-Reversible If-Then-Else? How to Avoid Undead Zombie Rows?

I’ve got a voting system for 10 users that has the ability to add more voters in the future. For now, when 10 votes are reached, the row is filtered out by an If-Then-Else Column (Column for counting active users = 10, Count All Yes Votes, If Yes Votes = Active Users then true, Else empty).

My problem is, when I add another voter, then the column counting active users is now = 11, but the yes votes for every row max out at 10. My If-Then-Else reverts to empty for every row that has already been voted on, and all of those rows are no longer filtered out. It’s like they are coming back from the dead and reappearing in the collections.

There is probably an easy way to fix this, but I can’t figue it out. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

I think my suggestion would be to add a column to the table that contains your voting topics to hold the number of active users at the time the topic is created. Then instead of hard coding a number in your if-then-else, you can compare the number of votes cast to the number allowed for each topic.


Thanks Darren! Right as I woke up this morning the very same idea popped into my head. Your comment is a great confirmation.

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