Creating a voting system in row of data

I have set up a system for team members to view certain recommendations that are submitted by other team members. I would like all team members to be able to vote yes/no on each item, and once a certain number of votes is reached then a value is placed in a certain column, and the item then is filtered into another tab. What would be the best way to create this system? Right now I have a clunky work around using several Google Sheets, but I’m pretty sure there is a simpler way that would allow for an easier set up and maintenance.

Do you need to keep track of who voted what?

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Yes, I’ll need to know who voted and what their vote was. I’m thinking of a long row of user names and then the list of items, so that each person (#1-10) has a button that creates a value of ‘1’ underneath their name if they vote “yes”. Then have a cell at the end of the row that totals those values, and when the value reaches ‘10’ then filter that item to a new tab to be implemented.

For instance, Bob votes yes by pressing the action button labeled “Bob Voted Yes” and then it assigns a value of ‘1’ for that item under his name. Then after all votes are entered, and the item has been implemented and is no longer needed in the list, then delete that row until a new item is introduced.

But I imagine there is a more efficient way to do this that doesn’t require buttons and actions and values. I just don’t know what it is.

Well, no matter the solution, you’ll need buttons and actions and values……that’s how Glide works.

If you know that the 10 people will never change, then your idea might work. However, it isn’t flexible. If you change team members or add/remove members, then you’ll need to rebuild the app.

Better to a form screen that adds a new row to a log table along with a multiple relation to that log. Then use a Rollup column to tally the votes.

When the vote is complete, you can create an action that sends the item to a new table (I think that’s what you were looking to do?), delete the votes via the delete row—> multiple relation, and then finally delete the item. This method is much more flexible, but does incur extra updates.

Thanks for the information. We will probably change team members on occasion so I would prefer it to be flexible. I haven’t mastered all the things you mentioned so this may be a good time to pick up a few skills.

Check out my relations course on the LMS

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Thanks Robert, you’re a legend!

Until I figure out the mechanics, I’ve decided to designate every team member a number that they will vote with. “Team Member #1” “Team Member #2” etc. and then as team members change just assign the new members the number of the exiting member.