Creating a Time Tracker

I’m creating an app that tracks feedings and sleep for babies. I’m working out the best way to create a time tracker similar to the image attached.

In the screenshot, the tracker allows you to start a timer, pause it and edit the entry.

I know Glide doesn’t currently have a timer feature, but was hoping there was a work around for triggering a timestamp to create a similar function.

If anyone has any thoughts, it would be much appreciated. I’ll update the thread as I work through the app and the final solution.


Add/Edit/Form screens have a date time special value. You could add a form button and submit the current date/time. Then do some math in the back end to calculate the duration. A Zapier button action could probably record a date/time as well.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager.

I was hoping that there could be a work around specifically for the stop watch feature, but the date time special value seems like the best solution from what I’ve been playing around with so far.

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