Creating a Template with Relational Data

I managed to figure out the power of Row IDs

However I’m trying to create Template Text using the values?

Here is the scenario:
I’m building a Gallery with a PhotoGrapher and Location

When you publish to Gallery, it populates “Photographer ID” with your Photographer ID
I then build a relational Column "Ref Photos Ids"that Matched the Value

However when I try to create a Template it won’t allow me to use the Relational column?

A relation creates a link to an entire row, or set of rows. If you need a specific column from that row, then you also need a lookup column that will return a specific column from that relation.

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Thanks Jeff, however I don’t see what lookup has todo with creating a template?

I can create a template fine if it’s referencing a string

However it won’t let me pick a relational column?

Because as Jeff pointed out, a relation just establishes a link to one or more rows. It doesn’t actually contain any values.
If you want to subsequently use a value from one of the linked rows, then you need to fetch that value using a lookup column.

Note: the above advice assumes that your relation is a single relation.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy and @Jeff_Hager I don’t know where I’m going wrong with Lookup?

I just did a test now and it keeps pulling up multiple values?

See below: Photo Name,
Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 17.43.27

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 17.43.34

In the lookup configuration use your ‘testRefPhoto’ for the relation column and then target the Name.

That should do the trick.


Looks like your relation is a multiple relation.
It needs to be a Single Relation
Check to see if you have the “Match Multiple” box checked…if so, uncheck it.

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Thanks this did the trick, I wasn’t actually selecting the relation column before :see_no_evil:

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