Creating a health points progress bar

Has anyone had an attempt at a game with health points?

I am trying my hand at building a game including health points.

Right now I’m stuck on how one would create the rules around health points.

It’s easy to add and take but how would you add boundaries to this?

Obviously being attacked would take health points but how would you stop this going below 0.

In addition a medi pack would increase health but how would this stop at a defined max limit that would increase with a level up.

Thanks in advance.

Everything you ever wanted to know about gamification with Glide Apps :wink:


You might want to take a look to what @Robert_Petitto has done.

Checked out Robert Pettito’s work.

I’m still stuck with the HP side of things.

Haven’t watched it for a while, but I thought the Boss Battles one specifically covers that topic?

Maybe if you can list the rules you’d like to apply, myself or others can provide a few clues as to how you’d apply them in Glide.


I appreciate that. I’ll have a go at putting something together first and then bring it back to you once I have thought it through more thoroughly

It’s all done with temporary math conditions before applying the increment (think, “if future hp < 0 then increment = remaining HP, else increment = damage”). Same for health. “If Health pack bonus > Total HP, then increment = total HP - current HP else increment = health pack value”)

Something to that effect.

TY. my train of though was more going down the road of two health columns where one was if less than or more than, then set column and the other was the status. Increment makes more sense.

I was also thinking about the attack, from a math with multiples (multiply the number by 0.25/0.5/0.75/etc.) that way with level advancements and attached item increases it can be applied as a broad rule using the random function.