Created my first app : Sunchaze - Feedbacks/Suggestions welcomed!

Hello gliders,

So I just heard about glide about a week ago, and I can tell you I’m so happy by how easy it is to launch a little side-project like the one I’m going to present you today, congrats to the team for creating such a great service :hugs:

So Sunchaze is an app I created after reflecting on my own attraction to that giant burning ball in the sky :sunny:. I’m a SEO guy but also a photographer, and I simply love taking pictures during sunrise/sunset. So the idea of this app came when I was watching another beautiful sunset where I’m located now, Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

The app basically works as a directory of the best spots to watch the sunset in Puerto Escondido :sunrise:. It is the main concept for now but I plan on adding a lot more in the future.

Technically the app has 3 screens :

  • Spots : that’s the main screen where users can discover spots based on their category, their crowdedness and their access difficulty.
  • Map View : As you guessed it a Map View of all the spots with a favorite function.
  • Chat : the chat tab to talk between the sunchazers :wink:
  • About : Just an about page where I present myself and the project.

My biggest need right now would be to let my users choose the city where they are located if I plan to open this app to more cities in the world. You see I’d like to have a “Parameters” tab. There you have a “Choice” component to choose your city. This choice component would impact the whole app and only the displays the spots tagged with the corresponding city. For the moment I think it’s impossible to do that in Glide :confused: Prove me wrong though !

Please feel free to check it out : I’d love to get your feedbacks/suggestions !

Cheers guys


Should be doable, but will require public with email to track each user’s preferences.

  • Create a Parameters sheet for each user’s preference (an email column and city column)
  • For every other tab where city filtering is needed, create a relation column that links the city on that sheet to the city in the parameters sheet.
  • Next create a lookup column that uses the relation to get an array list of emails that match that city.
  • Filter your lists by signed in user and each user will see a filtered list based on their chosen city

Very nice app @SeFi, clean and pro, nice :+1:t2: